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Precautions and maintenance methods of paper tube machine


Precautions and maintenance methods of paper tube machine

1. Power on the machine and fill the lead screw and guide rail of the machine with lubricating oil

2. According to the thickness of the paper tube required by the paper tube machine, load the corresponding amount of paper on the paper holder.

3 Check whether there is any debris in the glue tank to avoid clogging the pipeline and the injection pump. (If the glue needs to be heated, warm the glue tank in advance. Before heating, check whether the heated water is added to the proper amount.)

4. Check whether the silicone rod of the paper tube machine is damaged. You can change the silicone rod up and down according to the paper passing position.

5. Wear the belt according to the winding of the belt and check whether the cutting blade is damaged. If damaged, replace it in time. Check the cutting tube for burrs and smooth them in time.

6. Adjust the cutting table height and feed according to the diameter of the finished paper tube you need to production, and adjust the position of the length measuring photoelectric switch according to the length of the finished paper tube.

7. The paper enters the glue coating part and the glue scraping part through the paper feeding part of the glue tank. Pay attention to the position where the paper passes before and after. Before scraping the paper, apply glue manually to increase lubrication, so as to prevent the paper pulling force from breaking the paper

8. The paper enters the main machine through the cloth rack of the main machine. Before that, the bottom paper is wound on the mold shaft. At this time, turn the first set of handwheels to tighten the belt. When the paper passes through the second set of belts, turn the second set of belts to tighten the handwheel to tighten the belts.

9. After all the paper is loaded, check whether the length and thickness of the paper are qualified before making adjustments.

10. During the production process of the paper tube machine, someone must always pay attention to the adhesive force of the glue, check whether the paper tube is suitable, and whether the paper is broken.

11. Regular maintenance and precautions of paper tube machine:

① Check the oil level of the reducer oil of the main engine every day for any lack of oil. Replace every 6 months.

② The oil-water separator should be checked daily for lack of oil and replaced every 7 days.

③ The glue injection pump should be cleaned to see if any debris enters the pump body.

④ The glue scraper should be inspected daily and replaced if there is damage.

⑤The cutting blade should be checked every day, replaced in time if there is damage.

⑥ The belt should be cleaned once a day, if it is damaged, it should be replaced in time, otherwise the paper surface will be damaged.

⑦If the paper tube cutting surface is not flat, it can be completed by adjusting the left and right adjustment bolts on the cutting table.

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