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Paper recycling machine
Waste Paper recycling machine

Waste Paper recycling machine

Uses:Waste Paper recycle and reuse

Gongyi Shaolin Machine manufactory are a professional paper recycling machine manufactory, our mainly products are all kinds of paper making machine, egg tray machine, paper tube machine, carton machine, pulp processing line and some other machines.

There are many kinds of paper can be recycled and reused, such as old books, newspaper, corrugated carboard boxes,white paper off-cut from printing factory,magazine and so on.

Waste paper recycling 1.jpg

The waste paper through crushing,mixing,impurity removing and some other steps,can get the paper pulp, also called "secondary fiber". Using seconday fibre to make paper can reduce the usage of wood pulp and consmption of forest. It is a good way to maintain the ecological balance and reduce environment pollution. Making 1ton recycling paper with waste paper can save 100ton pure water,600kw power, 9 trees of a hundred growth,1.2ton coal, 300kg chemical raw material, a lot of money for disposing waste paper and decrease 3m3 soild waste and 60 pound industrial waste gas.

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Beside make recycling paper,after pulping, the secondary fiber can also used to be process egg trays,fruit trays,bottle trays…… Use one machine, just chage the mould,you can get different shapes trays. Use recycled paper to make paper trays are more and more popular in the word,only need very small investment can help you get a lot of money.

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In our life, we can not live without paper. When there is no paper recycling plant, people have to cut off large stretches of forest to make paper and paper products. But in recent years, more and more paper making manufacturers began to use waste paper to processing new paper instead of wood pulp. Because using waste paper can solve the energy shortage problem effectively, the utilization of waste paper becomes one of the main development trends in paper making industry all over the world. Accordingly, paper recycling machine is very popular on the market.

Characteristics of Waste paper recycling machine

1. Low investment. The raw materials cost is lower than wood pulp paper making,and the equipments and energy investment lower than wood and straw paper making.

2. Environmental protection. Waste paper recycling,reduce a large mount of electricity and water consumption,and waste paper disposal cost.

3. Easy to operate. These machines are very easy to operate,and the quality of final products are good.

The following are commonly used pulping equipment:


Hydrapulper: break the waste paper into pulp

pulp pump.jpg

Pulp pump: To provide the pulp for the needed machine


Vibrating screen, Centrifugal screen, Pressure screen: remove the impurity and make the pulp finer

Grinding machine.jpg

Pulp grinding machine: To make the pulp much finer and smoother

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