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What should we do if the length of the finished paper cut by the paper slitting machine is different?


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When analyzing the cutting length, if it is found that the difference between the cutting length has been increasing or decreasing along a same direction, the adjustment handwheel may not be fixed. If the adjustment hand wheel is not fixed, the vibration of the machine causes the adjustment handwheel to rotate, so the cutting speed changes. you can find this failure from the change rule of the paper cutting size, Just fix the adjusting handwheel will make the machine work well. but it should be noted that the transmission ratio should be adjusted before the adjustment handwheel is fixed.

If there are some deviations in the size of the cut paper, and the noise is large, It may be caused by the chain jumping or slipping in the reduction box due to the cross cutting knives' unsharpness and the excessive impact force during paper cutting, and the change of the speed control ratio. At this time, the knives should be adjusted again or changed.

There are many reasons can cause the difference in the length of the cut paper, and sometimes various failures occur at the same time, which makes it complicated to analyze the cause and deal with the problem. Therefore, it should be overhauled in daily life to avoid causing multiple failures to coexist. When encountering a problem, you should start by analyzing the change rule of paper length , analyze the cause according to the rule of size change, and deal with it purposefully.

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