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Why do deformation and wrinkling occur on paper tubes?


In industry and life, paper tube has a great uses. In the production process of paper tube manufacturers, the paper tube will wrinkle and deform. What causes the paper tube deformation and wrinkles?

Analysis of deformation: Paper tubes are paper products, which are more sensitive to moisture. If the use environment is relatively humid, the moisture contained in the air easily enters the product and improves the overall moisture content. which also reduces the strength of the product to a certain extent. At the same time, deformation also occurs under the external force.

In addition to being related to the environment, it is also related to the quality of the product. Good-quality paper tubes have a long service life, while poor-quality products have a relatively short service life. Therefore, it is recommended that you try to choose products of appropriate quality and ensure the dryness of the surrounding environment, so as to avoid the occurrence of deformation and other conditions.

Paper tube wrinkle reason:

1. Equipment reason

If there are problems in the paper tube cutting machine, these phenomena will appear during paper tube cutting, including the pressure, tension, speed and other parameters of each station, the cutter of the cutting machine, the length of the paper tube cutting and so on. If it is caused by these reasons, there is no problem with the paper tube.

2. Operation reason

Careful operation can effectively avoid such a situation, check and confirm the selection of paper tube in advance, paste the method of film and other aspects of standardized operation, the straightness of paper tube, increase the wall thickness of paper tube appropriately, etc. It is also a matter that cannot be ignored.

3. Quality reasons

When there is a quality problem, it is necessary to analyze the causes and check. Using paper materials, glue, additives and other non-standard manufacturing process may cause the quality problems of the paper tube itself.

In fact, a small amount of burr and wrinkle in industrial paper tube are normal phenomena, or it is caused by mishandling. But if the equipment, operation and so on are all right, we need to check the quality of the paper tube itself to prevent it from causing more trouble in the future use.

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