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Egg tray machine
Small egg tray machine

Small egg tray machine

Uses:make egg tray, cup tray, fruit tray etc.

Small egg tray machine, also called egg tray making machine, it is a moulding sytem to make waste paper and pulp board into egg trays, egg cartons, fruit trays and so on. Small egg tray machine also can bring you good profit.

egg tray machine final products.jpg

Processing technology: raw material - hydraulic pulper - vibrating screen - mixing tank - pulp pump - egg tray forming machine.

small egg tray machine working principle.jpg

This egg tray production line mainly consists of the following sections:

(1) Pulping system The pulping section is an important part of the egg tray making. Old newspaper, magazines, cartons and some other waste paper into a certain concentration of pulp through disintegration, screening and chemical additives for molding. Main equipment : hydraulic pulper, vibrating screen, concentration control instrument, mixer, automatic pulp addition system, pulp pump, water pump, control cabinet, pulp bucket, water bucket and so on. According to the different requirements of the finished product quality, can also add some devices to make the pulp finer, such as pressure screen and refiner.

(2)Forming system The pulp is evenly attached to a special molding mould by vacuum action, the wet products are formed, after natural drying or automatic drying system, you can get the final products. 

(3) Drying system After pulping and molding, the products usually contain a lot of water, so need to be dried to remove the water from the products. In order to reduce the investment cost, most of the users choose natural drying or build a brick house to dry the egg trays instead of buying a drying line. If you choose natural drying, you can prepare some trolleys for egg tray drying, which can save some floor space, and will be easy for products transporting and collecting; Of course,you can also use drying machine to dry them. You can choose the drying way by yourselves according to your local labor wages, factory rent, energy cost and climate etc.

(4) Plastic system After the egg tray products are formed and dried, they are basically shaped, and the egg tray products can be stored in the warehouse after being manually sorted or packaged.

The operator required for this production line:Pulping section 1person, molding section 1 person, drying section 2person, and packing section 1 person, 5 people/class in total. 

Installation and commissioning: Our company dispatch one engineers to your place to guide installation, commissioning and training. 

Warranty time: 1 year for the complete production line, and the mechanical and main structural parts are guaranteed for 3 years. 

Production line configuration: This production line is standard and can be customized according to the actual needs of customers.

Notice: The pulping system are the same as the paper making pulping equipment. If you have ordered the paper machine production line, just purchase one set egg tray forming machine extra then you can get two complete production lines. Then you can not only make egg trays but also make paper, effectively reducing the investment and increasing profits.

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