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Egg tray machine
Rotary egg tray machine

Rotary egg tray machine

Model:Rotary egg tray machine
Uses:Process egg tray, cup tray,fruit tray

Rotary egg tray machine also called automatic egg tray forming machine, paper pulp forming machine, egg box making machine, egg carton making machine etc. Capacity can from 1000 to 6000 pcs. It use waste paper as raw material, crash them in small piece, add water,make low consistency paper pulp, according to egg tray forming machine, will get wet egg trays. This type egg tray forming machine is popular in Africa, used to packing eggs and other product.

Final product can according to local market requires, to produce different egg trays.Just change egg tray mould, you can get different final product.

The wet egg trays can be dried by sun shine, brick dryer line or metal dryer line, you can choose it according to your local conditions. 

Rotary egg tray machine working principle.jpg

Rotary egg tray machine is a economical machine suitable for low invest business. Egg tray making business will be a environmental friendly good project, all waste water can recycle.Our egg tray making machine is very easy installation and operation, it is a good quality invest project.

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