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Facial towel Tissue Napkin Processing machine
Automatic paper napkin making machine for sale

Automatic paper napkin making machine for sale

Uses:bobbin paper embossing folding and cutting

Automatic paper napkin making machine is used to make paper roll into square and rectangular napkins by embossing, folding, electronic counting and cutting.

Automatic folding and counting,to make all of the final napkin size and number are same, so that it is very convenient for pack.The embossing roller have a heating and temperature regulating device, which makes the  pattern of embossed paper more clear. The folding type can be 1/4, 1/6, 1/8 etc. according to different requirements. 

paper napkin machine.jpg


1. Automatic counting dislocation, convenient packaging

2.Automatic folding cutting and counting, capacity is 700 pieces per minute. Folding device is reliable in positioning and uniform in size

3. Automatic stop when the paper wrapping on folding wheel, to protect the machine from unnecessary loss

4.Steel roller to wool roller embossing, the pattern is clear; we can also make steel-to-steel embossing roller, design the pattern, add words or logo.

5. We can customize different model machine according to the final product size, pattern, painting,embossing roller etc. .

Paper napkin machine details:

Paper napkin machine details.jpg

There are many embossing patterns can be chosen:

Embossing pattern.jpg

Finished Paper napkin

Paper napkin.jpg

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