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Facial towel Tissue Napkin Processing machine
Toilet paper rewinding machine

Toilet paper rewinding machine

Uses:make 2-4 ply toilet paper scroll

Toilet paper rewinding machine can process jumbo toilet paper roll into 2-4 layers small diameter roll, It adopts frequency conversion speed regulation, pneumatic control, rewinding, punching, embossing, automatic paper pushing, automatic paper core loading, automatic trimming and glue spraying.

toilet paper rewinding machine 1.jpg


1. A multi-purpose machine, can process unintentional, solid, roll paper toilet paper

2. Automatic trimming, spray glue, sealing, and draw shaft are synchronously completed, so that the roll paper is transferred into the band saw and the package is cut without paper loss.

3. Pneumatically adjust the finished product to reel tightly, keep the finished product in the same diameter, and adjust the elastic tightly.

4. Three-layer horizontal paper-removing frame, pneumatic wide belt feeding, each set of original paper frame has independent tension adjusting device

5. Automatic paper core dropping device, save labor and improve working efficiency;

6. Steel to wool roller or steel to steel embossing, pattern can be customized.

7. Use the front and rear jog switch to pull the base paper, easy to operate

Toilet paper rewinding machine details.jpg

Toilet paper rewinding machine usually work with automatic band saw cutting machine, toilet paper packaging machine, or manual band saw cutting machine and plastic bag sealing machine.

toilet paper rewinding machine finished product.jpg

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