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Paper making machine
Corrugated paper, kraft paper making machine

Corrugated paper, kraft paper making machine

Uses:use waste paper to make corrugated paper kraft pap

Shaolin corrugated paper kraft paper making machine uses waste paper to produce 70~300g/m corrugated paper, kraft paper, cardboard paper and other packaging paper. The main equipment consists of pulping equipment production line, papermaking press drying department and paper processing completion department.

packaging paper making machine.jpg

Equipment configuration

1. Forming part: multi- circle wire,pressure moulder circle wire, super-forming,single- fourdrinier wire, double- fourdrinier wire and Repeated Nets.

2、Press part: Open Press, Vacuum Press, Large Roller Press, Three Roller double Press Zone Compound Press, 606 Structural Compound Press, etc.

2. Drying part: composed of multiple cylinders. The transmission form can be divided into open type big gear and closed gear box transmission configuration. It can be equipped with various sizing machines, hot calenders and semi-dry calenders.

3、Winding part: Cylindrical winding machine, Horizontal wingding machine, etc.

Rewinding part:various types of rewinder.

The above configuration can be customized as required.

corrugated paper craft paper machine.jpg

Processing technology

Raw materials (waste paper)——pulper——vibrating screen——pulp tank——pulp pump——bleaching machine(thruster)——refiner machine——pulp tank——pulp pump——pressure sieve——pulp tank—— pulp pump——except sand machine——net box——cylinder——blanket——paper making machine——drying——roll paper——the big finished jumbo paper

Corrugated paper craft processing technology.jpg

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