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Paper making machine
Toilet paper making machine

Toilet paper making machine

Model:787,1092,1575,2400,3200 etc.
Uses:process toilet paper, tissue paper, cultural paper

Shaolin Toilet paper making machine can be used for several purpose, which can produce many kinds of paper, such as: toilet paper, culture paper, packing paper, corrugated paper,kraft paper, carboard paper, copy paper, writing paper and duplex board paper and so on. Waste paper, wheat straw, rice straw, wood, bamboo, bagasse, cotton stalk and others plant which contains rich fiber are all can be the raw material.

Toilet paper making machine in China.jpg


1. The raw materials are easy to get and the cost is low. Waste paper,old books,waste cardboard, waste newspaper, bamboo, straw, straw, bagasse, pure wood pulp board, etc. All can be used as raw materials;

2. Multi-functional, can produce burning paper, toilet paper, napkin, kitchen paper, writing paper, etc.

3. Small investment,high reward

4. Simple component, compact structure and reliable operation;

5. Water circulation system to reduce sewage discharge

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Processing technology

Use wast paper as raw materials to make toilet tissue paper

Waste paper——hydra-pulper——vibrating screen——pulp pump——propeller——bleaching machine——refiner——centrifugal screen——pulp pump——sand remover——roots vacuum pump——toilet paper making machine——rewinding machine—— cutting machine——packing machine——final product

Toilet paper making from waste paper.jpg

Use wheat straw as raw materials to make toilet tissue paper

Raw materials -straw cutting machine- steaming ball - squeezer - concentrator - pulp pump - bleaching machine - refiner - pulp pump - paper machine - rewinding machine - cutting Machine - packaging machine

Toilet paper making from wheat straw.jpg

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