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Tissue paper machine

Model:787,1092,1575,2400,3200 etc.
Uses:Make tissue paper, toilet paper, writing paper, in

Tissue paper machine also called tissue paper making machine, it is a machinery that used to make tissue paper. Cylinder mould paper machine is a prefect equipment for tissue paper making, it contains forming section, pressing section, drying section, winding section etc.

tissue paper machine.jpg

Forming section: Consists of round net cage, net groove and coucher. the forming process is complex, decide the ration and evenness of paper, so it is very important in paper making.

Pressing section: Used for further dehydration of formed wet paper by compression. It consists of hard rollers and soft rollers, such as stone rollers and rubber rollers. The pressing section is composed of pressing groups of the same or different forms, also include vacuum suction devices.

Drying section: Used to dry pressed wet paper. Mainly consists of a drying cylinder, cylinder blanket, cold cylinder, blanket guide roller, scrapers, tensioners, air hood, frame, transmission and so on.

Winding section: By the weight of the paper roll and the frictional force of the rotation of the cold cylinder, the paper that is driven down by the paper roll is uniformly wound, and the paper machine makes the paper more uniform.

There are many kinds of raw materials can be used for tissue paper making, such as cotton pulp, wood pulp, bamboo pulp, recycled paper etc. 

As a professional manufacturer, Shaolin tissue paper machine has many advantages: high quality, competitive price, simple operation and good service. 

Our hot selling models are: SL787, SL1092, SL1575, SL1760,SL1880,  SL2100, SL2400, SL2880, SL3500, SL3800 etc. Capacity are 1-50tons per day. Different models have different capacity, configurations and price.

tissue paper machine01.jpg

Tissue paper is mainly used for cleaning hand, face, glasses, desk and some other stuff. With the growth of economy and population, it is bound to increase the demand of paper products, such as tissue paper, napkin paper and so on. In 2017, the consumption quantity of tissue paper reaches 37.5 million tons. According to the data, we know that tissue paper has a huge potential market. So, it is worthy to invest this project.

Tissue paper.jpg

Tissue paper making project are very popular on the market, many customers would like to do it. If you want to get a lot of money from the project, we suggest you start as soon as possible, the earlier, the better.

If you are interested in our products, you can contact us at any time. We will provide you a perfect plan with a suitable model tissue paper machine and some pulp making machines according to your raw materials, capacity and other special requirements.

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